Most business people agree that in day-to-day operations, there are certain non-negotiables to keep a company running. From staffing to payroll and employee safety, business owners need to invest in the fundamentals to be successful. Commercial insurance is also one of these critical elements. However, in niche markets such as construction, the stakes get higher because the hazards are greater, and insuring a company and its equipment can become complicated.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of crane and rigging insurance. The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries reported an average of 42 crane-related deaths within seven years (ending in 2017). More than 60% of these deaths were caused by contact with equipment. Sadly, one small mistake can trigger a serious accident or worse. Of course, ethical construction companies do their best to ensure that their employees are well trained and certified and have access to continuing education. These employers also make sure their equipment is up to code. Nevertheless, accidents are inevitable. From a financial perspective, these incidents in the heavy machinery marketplace are costly, according to the Construction Marketing Association. This professional association, like most of their counterparts, recommend that construction firms find the best rigging liability insurance.

eMaxx, an industry leader in risk management and commercial insurance for over 20+ years, can deliver unmatched crane and rigging insurance programs that can assuage the worries that so many heavy- machinery company owners face each day. eMaxx provides both protection and compensation for companies that own, operate, rent, set up or move cranes and rigs. This includes both tower and mobile cranes. The policy is customizable, the eMaxx team works in partnership with the company to create the best possible individualized program.

The rigging insurance coverage includes the portion of the policy deals with damage pertaining to the hook of cranes and the good on them, which are often quite valuable. If needed, rigging insurance is also tailor-made for boom trucks, heavy hauling trucks, service truck cranes and inspection equipment.

This specialty insurance is not only designed for construction company owners. It also benefits companies that rent out heavy-duty equipment and operators, or merely rent equipment without operators. Many contractors make the mistake of assuming they have enough coverage with a standard commercial policy, only to find out the hard way that they come up short after an unfortunate accident or event. It is highly advantageous to seek out specialists who know the niche market and appreciate the nuances of its complex underwriting. They can help you with policies that include critical elements, such as general liability, physical damage and workers’ compensation.

Think of crane and rigging insurance as a safety net that will protect you, your company, your equipment and your contractors. Talk to an eMaxx agent or broker today to start customizing your individual program. It’s worth the investment.