Variable Cost Insurance Programs

Crane & Rigging

Variable cost captive insurance programs are outperforming the traditional market and a more viable solution – Members assume risk and control their own destiny. eMaxx has developed Member owned variable cost captive insurance solutions through eCaptiv, a sponsored captive reinsurance company in Vermont.

About & Advantages


Investment Income accumulates to the benefit of the Members


Members manage their own insurance program through participation on Board of Directors and Governing Committees


Reduction of program operating costs with sponsored captive reinsurance company structure


Ability to have more control over insurance costs with favorable loss experience and potentially insulate from large premium swings


Tailored coverages for Commercial Automobile, Workers Compensation, General Liability

  • Innovative Litigation Management program
  • Industry-specific packages for loss control and training that can be tailored for each individual Member
  • Web-based educational and training platforms including eLive Connect

Adoption of risk management technology programs such as dash cameras, telematics and online training as key elements in combating nuclear punitive damage judgments and commercial auto trends


Traditional collateral solutions such as cash and letters of credit along with proprietary and non-proprietary off balance sheet alternatives

Target Classes

  • Crane Rental with operator
  • ٚCrane Rental without operator
  • ٚSteel Erection
  • ٚRigging – outside above operations
  • ٚMillwright – machinery moving & installation
  • ٚSales of Equipment – new and used
  • ٚHeavy Hauling – transportation of equipment
  • ٚRental of Equipment with operator
  • ٚRental of Equipment without operator
  • ٚEquipment Rental Hoist with operator
  • ٚEquipment Rental Hoist without operator
  • ٚWarehouses

Insurance Coverages

  • Commercial Auto

    • Property Damage
    • Bodily Injury
    • Upset & Overturn / Sudden & Accidental Pollution
    • Auto Physical Damage
    • Mobile Cranes per state requirement
  • General Liability

    • Products Liability
    • Completed Operations
    • Rigger’s Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation

    • Statutory Coverage
    • Employers Liability
  • Excess

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