Maximizing Insurance through

Technology   Risk Management

Maximizing Insurance through

Technology Risk Management

eMaxx provides alternative risk captive insurance solutions – Members take control of their own destiny with coverages and achieve lower costs through risk management technology platforms, proactive loss prevention and safety programs, claims oversight and litigation management.

What we do.

Captive Insurance Solutions +

Innovative Collateral Programs +

Risk Management Technology +

Proactive Loss Prevention & Safety Programs +

Advanced Chess Claims Management =

Reduced Frequency and Severity of Claims + Lower Insurance Costs

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Embracing technology to drive growth

Embracing technology to drive growth. Exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, hybrid clouds, and blockchains are not just tools for technologists running projects.

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The best way to predict your future
is to create it.

– Abraham Lincoln


Telematics help fleets reduce fuel costs

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Why wearables could revolutionize worker safety

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OSHA cracking down on reporting requirements

Click Source The Occupational Safety and Health Administration this month initiated a program to identify employers who failed to submit required workplace injury and illness data. “They’re trying to crack down on what probably is a big chunk of them that aren’t doing...

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