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A major paradigm shift is occurring in the commercial property and casualty insurance market. The paradigm shift has driven the growth of businesses seeking to control their own destiny. Variable cost captive insurance programs have become the fastest-growing segment of the commercial property and casualty insurance market.

eMaxx is harnessing the paradigm shift in the traditional property and casualty insurance market through alternative risk insurance solutions, technology, and risk management services.

Company Highlights


Offers variable cost property and casualty insurance programs, loss prevention/safety programs and claims management programs to businesses across the US.


Developed proprietary technology that drives down expense and loss costs.


Proven profitable business model and platform with scalable infrastructure and revenues.


  Dedicated diverse management team that includes insurance professionals.

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Skyward Specialty expands construction portfolio by adding Crane & Rigging Captive Solution

Skyward Specialty expands construction portfolio by adding Crane & Rigging Captive Solution. Skyward Specialty Insurance Group, Inc. (“Skyward Specialty” or the “Company”), a leader in the specialty property and casualty (P&C) market, revealed today that it has expanded its Construction portfolio by adding a Crane and Rigging captive program, in partnership with eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies, Inc. (“eMaxx”), a tech-enabled specialty provider of property and casualty captive solutions. The two companies have maintained a successful partnership for more than four years.

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Captive Insurance

Some improvements in business are obvious. For example, brand new customer service management platforms, interactive apps or virtual assistants are all touted as innovative and beneficial. Yet, many financial experts agree that there is a silent hero among commercial...

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eMaxx Risk Management Technology

Most well-run companies agree that sound strategic planning always supports the organization’s vision and mission. This planning considers governance, performance measurement and internal control. However, no strategy is foolproof. Even the best of strategic plans can...

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eMaxx Process Safety and Loss Prevention

If researchers look hard enough, they can find evidence of companies giving some thought to process safety as far back as the Industrial Revolution. Experts in the field have long investigated the idea of loss prevention in the workplace. For-profit industries,...

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eMaxx Claims Management

Everyone likes a circle story—the type of plot that resolves successfully by the last chapter. It’s what most readers expect. Similarly, clients should expect the same from the people who handle their insurance claims management. From origination to settlement, the...

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