This year, the eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies is proud to present its 2023 Risk Management Summit: Reimagining Possibility, October 15-18, at the Boca Raton Resort in Florida. The idea of rediscovering new opportunities is at the heart of this year’s Summit, which aims to showcase new concepts and products that inspire innovation, promote success and ignite transformation.

The four-day conference is packed with insight, viewpoints and tools in the areas of risk management, technology, claims, litigation management and variable cost captive insurance solutions. Each session is certain  to assist companies take measurable, proactive steps to better control their financial destiny.

As a leader in risk management and commercial insurance, eMaxx saw a need in 2018 to provide additional risk solutions to small- and middle-market companies in various industry segments. The company launched eCaptiv, a Vermont-domiciled captive insurance company to address these needs. Its effectiveness in the commercial insurance industry garnered traction, especially because of the tech-enabled company’s ability to understand the most timely and pressing issues in the industry and deliver solutions to help combat these problems.

Sharing its wisdom and tech savvy with clients nationwide, eMaxx keeps its fingers on the pulse of what companies need to succeed in the commercial insurance arena. With that in mind, this year the Summit will include relevant sessions such as the impact of Florida tort reform, how to combat the hottest judicial hellhole areas in the U.S. and why it’s important to implement the newest risk management technology to prepare before a crisis. See full agenda to learn more..

The Summit also will host Annual Meetings of the Board of Directors and Members for all eCaptiv programs. Check out full agenda.

Don’t miss out on a beautiful venue, an unparalleled gathering of experts and a toolbox of the latest innovations in risk management that will help your company take responsibility and move ahead of the pack. Register today for the eMaxx Summit.