Except for the state of Texas, U.S. businesses are required to provide workers compensation insurance to their employees. Most managers are familiar with these essential benefits for a job injury or illness: legal representation and lawsuit protection for the employer, medical service payments, temporary wages, reimbursement for any injury-related damage and a death benefit in the event of a fatality. Fortunately, many employers never need to disperse these benefits. However, several industries lead the pack in terms of occupations that account for a big chunk of workplace injury. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that about 33% of these incidents take place in the areas of truck transportation (tractor trailer and light), laborers and freight and construction, among others.

For managers in these industries, it is critical to find a reputable workers compensation insurance company that will go the extra mile in providing and implementing top-drawer programs in these niche markets. With clients throughout the nation and 20+ years of experience in transportation, towing, utilities, recycling, construction and crane & rigging, eMaxx can deliver these solutions. The team provides unparalleled service 24/7 to help business managers navigate the entire process.

Companies would be wise to think of insurance and workers compensation as savvy business measures which help circumvent the actual cost of employees’ medical expenses and lost wages after a workplace accident. Without this critical coverage, medical costs could cause irreversible financial damage and even bankruptcy. An experienced provider can also provide valuable loss control programs to decrease workers compensation claims and keep premiums to a manageable level. If the provider is proactive with claims management, employees can return to work quicker. All of this saves the company the financial stress associated with reduced productivity and the added cost of hiring temporary staff.

eMaxx is unique because it couples its commercial property and casualty market expertise with its state-of-the-art technology and risk management programs through its various operating companies. As a result, the eMaxx Group covers preferred risks as well as high risks. Moreover its workers compensation program is comprehensive and features nurse triage, provider bill review, nurse case management and return to work processing. The team’s seasoned risk managers are highly knowledgeable in the area of official disability guidelines (ODG). It uses cutting-edge risk management information systems to analyze and leverage this ODG data to guarantee the best outcome for the company by comparing their workers’ costs to national averages. eMaxx also issues virtual, pre-paid debit cards, or ACH, that function as provider payment. This saves money because it eliminates mailing indemnity check payments and cuts down on unnecessary phone calls to adjusters.

With a seasoned team of insurance and risk management specialists at eMaxx, companies can sail through the process of workers compensation, knowing that state guidelines are being met, financial costs are being kept to a minimum and productivity is not being compromised. With availability throughout the country, eMaxx is ready to help. Contact a representative today.