If you are responsible for the operation, or if you oversee fleet management for a construction, utility or recycling business, how confident are you in the safety of your vehicles? Furthermore, how well would your company handle the pressure of a fleet assessment? Knowing what steps you need to take if your company or an individual vehicle is reviewed or inspected is not just a good idea…it’s essential.

One of the best ways to prepare for this event is by conducting periodic mock dot/osha audits. The team at eMaxx/eRisk offers expert guidance in this area. They are well versed in the regulations of the federal audit relations and improvement program (which is part of the Department of Transportation) and understand the importance of proactive practice assessments to ensure excellence when an actual government review takes place. The seasoned team of professionals at eMaxx can help create a mock dot audit checklist. Often this exercise shows managers what they know and, more importantly, what they don’t know.

A mock OSHA inspection from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides companies with a wide scope of helpful information, including a detailed carrier safety and accountability (CSA) score analysis. As a trusted interpreter of this information, the eMaxx team can analyze CSA data and a company’s ratings and make recommendations for improvement. The many benefits include a lower annual commercial insurance premium and fewer surprise audits and road inspections.

A mock OSHA audit also reveals potential safety and health hazards, along with possible violations within a company’s operating framework. Becoming aware of these red flags gives a company time to fix the problems and prepare the records and documentation needed to show due diligence. Maintaining these records year-round will ensure that a future dot mock audit will run smoothly, as well.

The entire process will also stimulate a company to regularly revaluate its safety programs. eMaxx is a national leader in transportation training and driver education—with state-of-the-art technology that improves driver behavior over time. Using GPS tracking, dash cams and more, eMaxx is respected as a tech-enabled insurer that values proactive use of telematics to remedy a problem before it becomes a crisis. This training demonstrates the eMaxx commitment to safety.

Mock osha inspections are more important than ever because of new federal regulations related to the pandemic. For example, truckers hauling “relief loads” had received some exemptions for service-hour regulations; however, as of October 2022, these exemptions changed. Keeping up to date with post-pandemic regulations is a benefit of these practice exercises.

Don’t be blindsided by unexpected motor carrier, safety or hazardous material requirements. Seek the proactive professionals at eMaxx/eRisk to lead you safely through comprehensive dot/osha mock audits so you can achieve excellence.