For transportation, towing or motor companies, a commitment to driver and vehicle safety is a three-pronged objective. First it’s a very important pledge of ethics that gives employees, customers and third-party partners reassurance that all state and federal regulations are being followed. Second, it is sound business. After all, by keeping up with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines, a transportation company is likely to earn a positive safety record and remain on the road. And third, compliance with fleet safety requirements go a long way toward driving down insurance costs.

The latter point is significant. According to Department of Transportation (DOT) statistics, about 181,000 collisions involving large trucks were reported in 2019 (pre-pandemic), which led to almost 100,000 injuries and more than 5,000 deaths. A commercial transportation business of any size needs to take these statistics seriously. With the right fleet compliance solution, a company can develop training, education, mitigation and claims analysis processes that can instill peace of mind in employees, provide the safest vehicles possible and invest in training—all of which will save lives and money. National industry leader eMaxx, an expert team of insurance and risk management professionals, is the answer.

Think of a fleet compliance group of experts as a one-stop hub for all risk management needs. Ultimately, a motor carrier company must secure a satisfactory safety rating after FMCSA inspection. Anything less (conditional or unsatisfactory) leaves the company on probation or unable to operate.

How does eMaxx work with clients to succeed? One key area is the psychology of changing driver behavior over time. With state-of-the-art technology platforms, clients have the best 21st century tools at their fingertips. These include the trademarked Telematics Exchange Agnostic Platform, which is compatible with any device or software. This cloud-based program includes an extensive data warehouse, analytics and third-party data. Platforms also offer dashboards for garaging, radius, territory, speeding, fleet footprint, harsh events, venue data and claims. Another outstanding feature is 24/7 access to 50+ telematics service providers. Along these lines, the eLive Connect electronic learning platform provides a secure, web-based loss prevention and safety learning center. It offers interactive trainings, videos, webinars, tailgate meetings, podcasts, documents, links and weather alerts. Moreover, the platform offers individual state commercial drivers’ refresher courses and the ability to generate and manage usage reports.

Does this work? Undoubtedly. A 2022 report by KeepTruckin found that the use of technology in commercial vehicles resulted in 22% fewer accidents and 56% fewer unsafe incidents. Clearly, by leveraging telematics data and online learning to change driver behavior over time, fleet compliance is within reach and insurance costs plummet.

Invest in the safety and well-being of your commercial fleet and your invaluable drivers while avoiding escalating insurance premiums. Contact technology leaders at eMaxx today.