If researchers look hard enough, they can find evidence of companies giving some thought to process safety as far back as the Industrial Revolution. Experts in the field have long investigated the idea of loss prevention in the workplace. For-profit industries, nonprofit organizations and government agencies have all sought to improve these measures, especially in recent decades. Many agree that this concept of minimizing risk is one rare common thread running through all forms of business, and the burden typically falls on the shoulders of the insurance company to underwrite the program.

In the areas of commercial towing and roadside assistance, utilities and waste/recycling, a solid safety and loss prevention program is essential. The eMaxx Group understands this need and, for the past 10 years, has worked with clients to safeguard property, equipment and, most importantly, people. Over 150 clients nationwide enjoy the benefits of these customized insurance policies.

The towing industry, for example, has a unique set of innate risks. For this reason, safety and loss prevention must be at the forefront of all decision-making in commercial insurance policy set-up. Renowned credit rating agency A.M. Best, which focuses on the insurance industry, underscores the danger of vehicle repossession. “Repo [personnel] put their lives at risk every time they go out the door.” A.M. Best also stresses the need for drivers to “maintain safe conditions during towing while minimizing the disruption to passing motorists.” The Tow and Recovery Association of America recommends national certification courses to ensure that drivers are up to date with continuing education.

These requirements are only a fraction of the considerations necessary for roadside assistance organizations to do their jobs safely. The task is daunting. With professional assistance from a reputable commercial insurance team like eMaxx, that understands safety and loss prevention, companies will be able to ultimately reduce long-term costs and improve underwriting profitability because they prioritize risk management.

How does eMaxx accomplish this? Their experts in technology, transportation and safety work alongside commercial insurance policy professionals to develop custom programs that include mock DOT/OSHA audits, driver training, certified employee training, RigPass training, general industry and construction OSHA classes, telematics services and incentive programs. eMaxx views the entire process from a client’s perspective, partnering with each firm to create the safety and loss prevention program that matches its needs.

Imagine lifting the burden of worry about accidents and their repercussions in the towing and roadside assistance area by partnering with experts who can help prevent accidents before they happen. Consider the benefits of careful analysis of risk management to help proactively plan for next year’s loss control. Think about the ability to customize a plan for your exact type or size of towing/roadside assistance enterprise. It’s possible by maximizing creativity and innovation and redefining safety.

Take control of your company’s most important assets by putting them in the hands of commercial insurance industry-specific leader, eMaxx Group.