Everyone likes a circle story—the type of plot that resolves successfully by the last chapter. It’s what most readers expect. Similarly, clients should expect the same from the people who handle their insurance claims management. From origination to settlement, the lifecycle of a claim does not have to be an agonizing process. If managed correctly, it can be an efficient, cost-saving, automated and seamless customer experience. That’s what clients should and can expect from the professionals at eMaxx, a nationally recognized industry leader in commercial insurance for AAA roadside assistance, utilities and waste/recycling clients.

It’s important to note that at eMaxx, our seasoned team handles policies  nationwide. Whether clients are small firms, mid-sized businesses or large corporations, eMaxx professionals dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ to ensure that nothing is missed during the claims management process. Most importantly, they are prepared from the onset, as a leader in identifying and addressing the societal trends that are currently driving the escalating cost of commercial policies. Among the most overbearing of these trends, according to the Society of Actuaries, is the problem of societal inflation—the amount that liability costs are rising beyond overall economic inflation. Societal inflation is fueled in part by third-party litigation funding, higher medical costs, unreasonably high jury awards and unbalanced or unfair verdicts, as well as evolving legal concepts of tort (infringement of rights) and negligence.

Many claimants try to exploit the current legal system. However, eMaxx is ready and waiting to deploy proven strategies such as proprietary litigation management programs that automatically identify claims, suppress them and mitigate them if necessary. Applying comprehensive efforts to tackle claims at bay

eMaxx claims management efficiently helps clients process a variety of automobile liability/general liability and property cases. These include litigation, accident reconstruction, adjustment, cause and origin, environmental oversight and management and catastrophic response. Programs also handle workers’ compensation, including nurse triage, provider bill review, nurse case management, official disability guidelines and return-to-work authorization.

With cutting-edge technology from eMaxx, clients no longer have to worry about manually filling out forms or juggling multiple Excel spreadsheets. The  processes are streamlined from initial input to negotiations and settlement, eMaxx professionals take care of everything, and clients can be active participants in the process with 24/7 access to information. 

Maximize your company’s profits and combat societal inflation with superior insurance claims management from eMaxx.