In the past year and a half, companies have never been so sharply aware of the need to plan for unforeseen circumstances. From unstable financial predicaments to strategic errors, legal issues, accidents and even natural disasters, these unplanned situations can set a company back financially, damage its infrastructure, tarnish its reputation and, in some cases, cause serious safety concerns.

However, by using the most up-to-date technology and resources to identify potential threats, evaluating their severity and administering a plan to control these factors, business leaders can breathe a sigh of relief. They can avoid loss of earnings, prevent damage to equipment and, best of all, safeguard their personnel. In short, this is risk management at its best. With the expertise of eMaxx, a leader in this field, companies can take charge of their destinies by making well-informed, data-driven decisions for their fiscal, legal and commercial insurance goals. When customers feel invested in their programs, they have a greater incentive to improve loss control and safety in the workplace. They feel empowered that they can control their own claim experience.

Because eMaxx is a tech-enabled specialty provider of variable cost commercial property and casualty insurance programs, it has the capability to tailor each of its programs to the needs of each client. The relationship is unique because members are true partners in the process. They help mold their own insurance program as an active participant in their own mutual insurance company. They make proactive decisions and sit on both the Board of Directors and Governing Committees. eMaxx’s unique approach includes an innovative risk management strategy, which includes a new customer-centric technology platform for variable cost captive programs. This is a centralized source for customers to manage their own insurance and risk management program through the power of technology.

At eMaxx, the technology professionals go beyond risk management basics. They create platforms that consider the fragmented commercial telematics market, defense of commercial auto liability claims and the ability to change driver behavior over time—which is a huge preventative measure. Moreover, in keeping with their pledge to assess the ever-changing social and economic circumstances that plague the nation, the eMaxx team develops platforms that can mitigate the current driver shortage in the U.S.

eMaxx offers innovative technology solutions partnered with more than 50 telematics service providers. This, coupled with interactive training on its eLive platform, has made major headway in identifying and modifying driving behavior. Clients also can experience a hands-on assessment of their progress within risk management through the use of audits, warranty activity, onsite or virtual visits and specialized consultation.

Experience your insurance as a true proactive partner. Take charge of your company’s financial future. Contact eMaxx and start planning today.