Multi-tasking comes in all shapes and sizes. At the corporate level, one of the best examples is maximizing a company’s insurance through technology and risk. Gone are the days when businesses reacted after the fact to a loss, disaster or emergency. Today’s companies need to be proactive, and the best way to do that commercially is through innovation with an insurtech approach to risk management made possible by a leading provider: eMaxx.

Members of eMaxx achieve lower costs and take control of their destiny by using one or several high-tech platforms designed especially for commercial policy holders. This insurtech approach to risk management has helped hundreds of clients nationwide, including small and large energy enterprises, AAA and towing companies. Safety professionals serve these members with 24/7 expertise and the best resources available today. This innovation includes software solutions, analytics and third-party data; dashboards for garaging, radius, territory, speeding and venue claims; and access to more than 50 telematics service providers. As a result, companies can more accurately analyze driving data which ultimately reduces fraud and profit loss. This also enables businesses to customize insurance policies to suit their individual needs.

Our eLive Connect platform is another example of available technology, which features a secure web-based loss prevention program. This ultimately helps educates members with interactive trainings, videos, webinars, podcasts and weather alerts for safety. The combination of telematics and the eLearning platform has resulted in positive reinforcement for companies’ drivers and the changing of behavior over time. Again, safety, loss prevention and proactive training are part of the eMaxx philosophy of planning and prevention to save money and minimize problems.

According to nonprofit research, telematics has astronomically improved risk management for fleet monitoring systems. Needed maintenance can be identified remotely, drivers can receive in-trip feedback and even manage fuel use. This facet of technology is roughly 30 years old, and eMaxx has been on the cutting edge.

In addition, the eMaxx risk management activity tracker system includes an unparalleled database that monitors audits, warranty activity, phone calls, onsite visits, work hours, billable hours and other safety needs. It also enables clients to review specific claims including specific adjuster notes. Companies no longer need to worry about claimants fraudulently trying to inflate insurance costs because we have the proven litigation management strategies ready to address these unexpected surprises.

Keep your business competitive, save money, increase safety and use data-infused models to predict outcomes. Contact eMaxx today to learn more about our insurtech platforms.