Energi, a Massachusetts based Industrial Reinsurance Company, is pleased to announce that Keith Ferrazzi has been selected as the Keynote Speaker for the 2012 Risk Management & Insurance Summit. Keith is a leading expert on relationship development, and has authored two books, Never Eat Alone & Who’s Got Your Back. The Summit is an invitation-only event for Energi’s Shareholders, Policyholders and Appointed Brokers. The theme of the summit is the Power of Knowledge.

Energi has recognized that increased knowledge of industry best practice risk mitigation techniques directly correlates to lower insurance costs. Energi’s CEO, Brian McCarthy emphasizes that “the overall theme of Never Eat Alone reflects on the value of growing your own net worth through networking and creating stronger relationships. We invited Keith to our summit as the themes instilled in his bestselling novel have synergy and are relevant to our focus on the Power of Knowledge. This will be a valuable discussion tool for all attendees to increase their net worth and bottom line,” says CEO Brian K. McCarthy. Energi has designed a series of educational seminars, panel discussions, and general addresses that will provide attendees with ability to execute the deliverables provided in the educational segments of the conference.

The Summit will take place at the Orlando World Center Marriott from June 3-6. For any further questions regarding the summit please contact Phil Burke at pburke@emaxxgroup.com or 978-531-1822 ext. 368.


About Energi

Energi is an Industrial Reinsurance Company that provides specialized risk management and insurance programs to targeted sectors of the North American Energy Industry. Energi is a leading developer and underwriter of innovative insurance products to deliver critical protections for alternative energy and energy efficiency warranties. These covers mitigate the performance risk inherent in energy efficiency retrofits, commercial solar projects, and alternative energy product manufacturing.