EnviroProtect Plus

The EnviroProtect Plus offers energy dealers the opportunity to provide residential pollution remediation coverage for both oil and propane customers. EnviroProtect Plus is a solution to protect energy companies and homeowners against costly environmental clean-up.

The commercial remediation policy can be offered by dealers in various ways.  Dealers can cover all tanks delivered to not passing on the cost to the customer or the cost can be incorporated into existing warranties offered as a Warranty Appendix.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Add the cost onto any existing warranty offered with an opt in provision
  • Potential increased revenue
  • Allows dealer to provide more comprehensive coverage in conjunction with other programs
  • Insulation of General Liability Claims from exposure due to environmental spill from Homeowner
  • Carriers
  • Control over cleanup costs that can spiral out of control under a Homeowner Carrier
  • Creates a positive proactive image in the mind of consumer
  • Eliminates a negative experience & image that resonates with consumers as the result of spills
  • Provides glue between the dealer and the customer
  • Opportunity for dealer to control messaging to consumer