For the third year in a row, companies in 2022 underwent tremendous shifts in culture, organization and workforce. Pandemic-induced, mass resignations caused a staffing shortage for many businesses. Suddenly, companies were doing more with less, and training—among other areas—took a hit. Consequently, overall health and safety became a huge concern. In fact according to the Public Risk Management Association, workplace injuries were up 38% in 2022. Many companies are now looking at health and safety trends with a closer lens in order to protect their employees and their businesses.

A tech-enabled leader, eMaxx, has been able to help clients nationwide keep up to date with workplace safety trends because of its expertise in commercial insurance and risk management solutions. They understand that now more than ever it’s important to invest in loss prevention and safety and know how to implement and pivot these programs as part of a company’s strategic plan. This is particularly important for industries that are more challenging to insure, such as transportation, towing, energy, utilities, waste, recycling, construction and crane & rigging. In these niche markets, the higher risk brings additional safety concerns—from personal injury to disability, death, property and vehicle damage, fire, flood, accident, harsh weather events and much more.

As part of the overall automotive industry, the transportation and towing markets have been severely impacted by the pandemic. With a worldwide shutdown of manufacturing facilities, production and installation of new safety systems decreased dramatically. Now, in early 2023, the demand is great for innovation of automotive safety system market trends in a global market that is valued at about $150 billion according to Globe Newswire.

An automotive safety system is made up of all the devices, components, sensors and electric parts that enable a vehicle to be used without harm. Along these lines, eMaxx has innovated and implemented state-of-the-art equipment that is up to date with the latest proven safety trends in the industry. These include some of the best telematics in the business. In short, telematics morphs telecommunications with computer science to help fleet managers and drivers make the best split-second driving decisions based on data-driven alerts to high-risk conditions. Vehicles can also rely on smart sensors on the road to make last-minute route changes. Increased vehicle connectivity—with fellow drivers and control stations–is also aiding drivers to make faster decisions and get help more quickly when needed. Telematics is also broadly affecting sustainability. In other words, customers that are concerned about the environment may now be able to re-route trucks for greater fuel economy or efficiency. And sensitive dashcams can monitor driver behavior, picking up on drowsiness, unsafe driving and speed issues and offering lifesaving collision warnings.

The past few years have been filled with unexpected challenges in the workplace, and niche markets have been particularly impacted. Partner with the trusted professionals at eMaxx to make sure your company is up to date with safety trends to protect your employees and assets in 2023 and beyond.