Workplace accidents can be quite costly to any organization. According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance, each workplace injury claim amounts to about $40,000. Collectively, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that on average, companies spend over $1 billion every week on workers’ compensation fees for workplace-related injuries. A huge loss.

Of course, no company is without unexpected events. Yet, the astronomical statistic begs the question: How can these accidents and associated expenses be minimized? The answer may be found in two words: safety compliance. And industry leader eMaxx understands what it takes to implement these protocols to benefit both employees and their company.

eMaxx helps clients nationwide with cost-effective, state-of-the-art safety compliance services that aid organizations of all sizes in all industries, especially in niche markets where risk concerns are often top of mind yet difficult to insure. eMaxx has them covered—from transportation to towing, energy, utilities, waste, recycling, construction, crane & rigging and more. Companies who have invested time and resources and partnered with eMaxx compliance safety consultants have seen positive outcomes in financial performance, worker productivity, regulatory adherence, worker morale and environmental initiatives.

Moreover, as a result of using this compliance safety consulting, clients have enjoyed a variety of savings. Direct costs that can be lowered. These include workers compensation payments, medical expenses, civil liability damages, litigation expenses and property losses. And indirect costs should not be forgotten, as well. These also can affect the bottom line. By implementing compliance safety systems, clients have avoided or minimized delays in projected schedules, lessened damage to equipment or facilities, shortened administrative time, waived the need for investigation in many cases, avoided cost of government benefits and, obviously, dodged the sudden loss of valued workers.

Clients partnering with eMaxx also have the peace of mind knowing that a professional team of experts is working 24/7 with up-to-date knowledge of loss prevention and risk management protocols. For instance, if a safety compliance alert is issued by OSHA, the eMaxx team is at the ready with the latest information on where regulators are cracking down or zooming in on inspections.

With safety support through its eRisk Solutions program, eMaxx’s risk management strategy ultimately reduces long-term loss costs for all its clients and has proven to be a critical driver of underwriting profitability. Program offerings are applicable to most industries and customized to match each company’s specific needs, including: safety program development, mock DOT/OSHA audits, driver training, certified employee training programs, rigpass training, OSHA 30-hour training for general industry and construction, telematics management services which are especially vital for transportation and towing industries. and incentive program development to boost employee morale.

Success most always depends on the well-being and quality of an organization’s workforce. Don’t skimp on safety compliance services. Make the investment and benefit from the ultimate cost-savings. Trust eMaxx’s experienced team to leadership, implementation and performance measurement.