In 2022, the Coalition Again Insurance Fraud released a staggering statistic: Insurance fraud costs U.S. consumers and businesses about $308 billion annually. The number is rising. Despite companies’ best efforts, unscrupulous claimants have managed to falsely receive cash settlements and bilk companies of precious earnings. For small, mid-sized or large businesses, the financial repercussions are long-lasting.

However, companies should not have to worry about scams with each case they file. eMaxx, an industry leader in commercial insurance and risk management solutions, uses various partnership networks of top-grade insurance investigators who specialize in niche areas depending on the type of claim. Clients can expect nothing less than outstanding performance and satisfaction, as well as huge relief of the burden of the process. What does this entail? Typically an insurance investigator will examine claims of disability and/or property damage or loss. They are experts in surveillance, interviewing and research and are highly experienced in analyzing medical records, healthcare documents and police reports. They are also very comfortable working with adjusters and reading adjusters’ notes after accidents.

The insurance claims investigator network that works with eMaxx specializes in niche markets. eMaxx manages captives, risk management and loss prevention programs with tech-enabled solutions in the areas of transportation, towing, energy, waste and utilities, recycling, construction, crane & rigging. Many experts are trained as HAZMAT instructors, carrier safety inspectors, propane and oil system and gas experts, construction health and safety technicians and fire service professionals.

They are also seasoned in the areas of workers’ compensation, triage, nurse case management, back-to-work requirements, provider bill reviews and disability concerns. Experts can reconstruct accident events and study cause and origin. They can even send medical results of drivers’ behavior (e.g., alcohol or drugs if indicated) to the Department of Transportation—a requirement which began in 2020.

Supporting this expert insurance claim investigator network at eMaxx is state-of-the-art technology. This includes dashcams for real-time harsh event or accident review, garaging, radius, territory, speeding, fleet footprint and venue data; universal software for case onboarding; and a cutting-edge online platform that provides the insurance investigator with the ability to review specific claims including adjuster notes. Because eMaxx is a proactive company that continually strives to put control in the hands of its clients, an investigation process also can recommend positive measures companies can take in the future. This includes changing driver behavior over time—made possible using its patented software, Elevate, which incorporates online training modules and re-certification opportunities.

Granted, the role of an insurance investigator is complex. However, you company does not have to assume this responsibility alone. As Steve Jobs once stated, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Contact eMaxx to learn how its incredible network of professionals can help your company manage the burden of claim investigation with confidence.