For many businesses, the pandemic and the lagging economy of the past few years presented a new and unfortunate challenge: keeping equipment, personnel and property adequately insured despite an exorbitant number of claims. Across the board, industries including energy, transportation, utilities and construction have faced unprecedented emergencies, loss of staff and natural disasters. These companies require not only outstanding commercial insurance coverage, but they also desperately need the best advice in repayment and restitution from professionals who understand the importance of efficiency in processing these cases.

For decades, industry leader eMaxx has been an ally and partner for companies who need help with claim management services. And in the past few years, this commercial insurance and risk management pioneer has been a valuable resource for companies—big and small—as they work to take control of their overwhelming number of claims and their financial destinies.

eMaxx gets this mammoth job done by being ahead of the game. They identify and address societal trends proactively, not reactively. Moreover, they deploy strategies proven to minimize these unexpected surprises with proprietary litigation programs that identify exploitive claims and suppress them, while cutting costs for their clients and reducing fraud.

One key component of the eMaxx approach is stellar claim management workflow, which integrates high-end technology with common-sense efficiency. It’s part of a specialized insurance program—one of many customized platforms designed specifically for a client’s niche industry—that includes support services which reduce long-term loss costs and enhance productivity. The claim portal features state-of-the-art online connections to all case-related information. This innovation features direct access to up-to-date adjuster notes, refreshed every night, which provides clients with direct insight to the work being done on their loss. The user-friendly program also offers broker access that provides clients the ability to run their own loss reports both in PDF and Excel formats. Much like a bank statement, these reports are updated monthly. Clients can also choose to have claim alerts at their fingertips. Using a simple menu of alerts, clients can enjoy notifications that automatically send them a morning email connecting them to their notification center where they can view all new potential threats.

From claim denial management to employers claim management, eMaxx covers every angle: accident reconstruction, litigation coordination, adjustment, cause and origin, environmental oversight, catastrophic response, workers’ compensation, nurse triage, provider bill review, nurse case coordination, official disability guidelines and return-to-work papers. The Small Business Chronicle recently named claim management as one of the most important factors in commercial insurance partnerships. It listed four critical features of superior management: speed in processing, fraud detection, cost-cutting and avoidance of litigation. eMaxx delivers on all counts…and guarantees client satisfaction, as well.

Don’t underestimate the necessity of sound strategies to recover loss quickly and efficiently. Join clients nationwide who have weathered economic uncertainty with rock-solid claim management services. Contact eMaxx today to get started.