No matter their size, transportation, towing and motor companies are obligated to maintain fleet compliance if they intend to stay in business and thrive. It’s non-negotiable. Global demand for these management services, according to one recent market research report, is estimated to top $48 million by the end of 2022. The need is great. But considering that 80% of the 500,000 American truck companies are small businesses—as reported by the Journal of Commerce—many tiny or mid-sized operations may not know where to start to make sure they are following the rules and standards mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

eMaxx has been a respected leader in the transportation and towing industry for decades, providing wise, cost-effective insurance and risk management options for companies that need high-tech alternatives to fit their budget. These include state-of-the-art fleet maintenance compliance programs and the resources to make sure they work in the field.

What does this entail? Electronic logging devices, for example, are foolproof digital tracking devices that commercial vehicle operators can use to methodically record their hours of service. They connect to the vehicle’s engine and calculate valuable data. Recording hours is a requirement of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, so by using these ELDs, companies can rest assured that they are fulfilling their federal obligation and are better serving their employees.

Fleet safety compliance also takes into account the FMCSA’s safety measurement system that focuses on several driver behaviors such as crash frequency and patterns, driver fitness and vehicle maintenance. For a small company, keeping track of these details can be overwhelming. But with eMaxx’s risk management activity trackers, the process is streamlined. Participating companies can reap the benefits of Telematics Exchange, a trademarked agnostic platform that features third-party data and dashboards for use, garaging, territory, speeding, footprint, harsh events and claims, as well. Businesses can enjoy access to over 50 telematics providers around the nation. Elevate, an additional patented online learning platform, leverages this data to change and improve driver behavior over time. Moreover, a web-based learning center gives vehicle operators the opportunity to take certification or refresher courses online at their convenience to be sure they are up to date on state and federal requirements.

This entire range of fleet compliance services has an enormous positive impact on a transportation company’s overall financial portfolio. By implementing these measures, companies gain lower fleet maintenance costs, reduced insurance premiums, fewer claims and improved employee morale. Most importantly, fleet safety and compliance mandates—both state and federal—are in check, data is streamed and synthesized to provide analytics for safety, and infrequent customer complaints are addressed confidently. Complete peace of mind.

Make sure your vehicles are in good repair, your drivers are safe and your costs and claims are minimal. Take advantage of all that 21st century technology and sound risk management advice can offer. Contact the experts at eMaxx today.