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Going beyond truck data to improve operations. Helping companies make the pivotal leap from traditional pen and paper management to dashboards and real time data has been a main objective for Samsara. What was once completed through the utilization of fax machines and stacks of documents can now be done almost instantaneously thanks to the telematics platforms that drive the heavy-duty industry.

By aggregating mass amounts of data from vehicles and equipment and collaborating with respected OEMs, the company is better able to equip their clients with the information they need to make informed decisions, plan ahead and mitigate losses caused by economic impact.

“We’re starting to see investment in technology. It’s now incumbent upon our customers and employers to make it as attractive as possible. The old way of doing things, all the pen and paper is arduous. It is just a steep learning curve and someone has a choice of where they want to work,” said Samsara CEO and Co-Founder Sanjit Biswas. “They want the best tools. We are starting to see in the same way that they invested in great trucks and great equipment, now they’re starting to say a big part of the employee experience is great apps, great user experiences. So that investment is happening.”

With a mission to increase safety, efficiency and sustainability, Samsara hosted its inaugural conference, Samsara Beyond, earlier this summer to further connect with their customer base and share new developments that will further bolster physical operations in a vast range of industries that are so heavily relied on by the global economy. There, Biswas explained  how Samsara’s data-driven operations are helping clients use data points for impact and for change while constantly collecting user feedback to enhance and improve the telematics system leading to a lower total cost of ownership.

While there are just some things we can’t control–the price of gas, weather, traffic, the everyday wear and tear of trucks–the data, or the correct utilization of said data, helps us alleviate the pressures that these external factors can put onto companies looking to gain profit and maintain a customer base.

Recently, Samsara released four new tools to help fleet owners and managers run large scale operations with more ease by connecting them to the most up-to-date information regarding deliveries, driver behavior and remote technology assistance all available within their telematics platform.

Driver Workflows allow field operators to minimize guesswork with real time updates in a customizable and guided dashboard. Administrators will be able to stay up to date with streamlined access to tasks for each one of their drivers.

In-cab Nudges encourage self-correction, motivates drivers to increase accountability and  helps to self-improve safety practices while out on the road. Risky driving habits continue to be a prioritized focus for many fleets. With this tool, managers and owners can remain focused on daily operations since drivers will be coached through A.I. alerts and recommendations.

Multi-Stop ETAs calculate estimated time of arrival while taking into consideration the stops and delays that may interrupt a driver’s route. If drivers are able to make up for the lost time, the improvements will also cascade into the rest of the route making for a reliable and accurate ETA.

Remote Support is help from a samsara professional. Logs, data entry, troubleshooting – things that used to take lots of time to solve are now being handled efficiently and instantly.

The resources are displayed on easy-to-use dashboards and also assists in creating workflows, identifying coachable driving behavior, and allowing managers to not only stay connected to their drivers but also the clients they serve daily.

When it comes to data, it can bring about groundbreaking discoveries and drive influential impact that expands far beyond the industry itself. With over two trillion data points collected annually, milestones are being reached with every mile driven. By turning user insights into platform improvements, Samsara aims to improve the way fleets operate by looking through the lens of people using the platform on a daily basis. Case in point, the company also highlighted several top users:

Safest Operator: Chalk Mountain Services of Texas

Excellence in Efficiency: Southern California Edison

Automating a maintenance program has saved the company thousands of hours

Most Sustainable Operation: Summit Materials

Already generated over a million dollars in fuel savings

Operations Innovator: Liberty Energy Team (previously mentioned)

Digital Transformation of the Year: Artera

Sharing best practices for safety and asset utilization to save people and save money

Driver of the Year: Jaime Herrera, All Aboard America!

Technology Leader of the Year: Nathan Slemmons, Univar

“So this is what it’s about for us. It’s about transformation. It’s about taking things to the next level. And it’s about data and technology,” Biswas said.

“We believe this data can be used for purposes that we’re just now scratching the surface of. These are real world challenges that we are excited to partner together with companies to solve. This is what motivates us -the best part? It’s just the beginning.”