When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005, the infamous storm ravaged homes and businesses alike. Ultimately, property damage totaled about $65 million (almost $90 million in 2021 dollars), according to the Insurance Information Institute. The harsh weather event was, of course, one of the most devastating hurricanes in modern history; however, the lessons learned have stuck with businesses and commercial insurance providers for almost 20 years now. Companies must understand that preparedness should be part of their overall coverage strategy. So, partnering with an expert in claims services catastrophe management isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity for corporate longevity.

Admittedly, not every business will be trounced by a hurricane. But climate change is a real issue. (In 2020, a record-breaking 30 named tropical storms hit the U.S.) Droughts, tornadoes, wildfires, utility disruptions, snowstorms and floods all constitute natural disasters. Yet, they are only part of the threat. In the insurance arena, the term ‘catastrophe’ also includes manmade severe disasters, such as terrorism, civil disorder or cybersecurity breaches. All of these serious problems need to be addressed when a company sits down to examine its policy coverage.

Many niche markets such as transportation, construction, utilities, waste/recycling and energy are especially vulnerable to these risks. That’s where industry leader eMaxx comes into play. eMaxx has a longstanding reputation helping these types of businesses plan for the unimaginable and utilize the proper tools to make the entire claim management service experience a seamless one.

Claims services litigation management from eMaxx is unparalleled. The team of legal, technological and insurance experts work together to minimize surprises and maximize solutions. Available 24/7, these professionals draw on experience and optimize results by using state-of-the-art technology to process each case and interface with clients. With all these moving parts, clients never need to worry that a piece of their ‘story’ is missing. From medical records to adjuster notes and settlement proceedings, every detail matters.

The team also understands the importance of addressing societal trends in legislation and court proceedings as part of its claims litigation managements services. For example, with every claim comes a ton of data. eMaxx uses third-party data analysis to target and assess potential fraud, cases that require additional medical resources or situations with high litigation potential. Proprietary programs ensure that everything from cause and origin to workers compensation and nurse triage is clearly coordinated. Clients are partners in every step of the process and have full online access to records.

No matter if it’s business as usual or your company is struggling through a disaster, the experts at eMaxx can ease your burden. Contact our team today.