For company owners whose livelihood depends on transportation, towing or vehicle operation (such as construction rigging), a common misconception is that fortifying this area of the business has limited returns. Executives and key decision-makers may think that investing in a driving risk assessment program may be a waste of time and money. However, an overwhelming amount of research in this area proves quite the contrary. By dedicating resources to this area, big and small companies can enjoy far-reaching positive effects that will bolster their business in a variety of ways.

In fact, Fleet Management Weekly recently published an article examining many of these hidden benefits. Sure, most employers understand the importance of working with an insurance company that will help them achieve the obvious perks: reduced collisions, decreased injuries and fewer license violations. But what about the bigger picture? Companies that invest in a risk analysis for their drivers will be able to reduce overall costs associated with fleet ownership, improve their brand and their community trust level, boost employee morale and reduce overall costs. All of this can happen with the right project management from eMaxx, a nationally respected industry leader risk management technology and commercial insurance.

A deeper dive into each of these advantages may be surprising. Company owners may not consider that the way their vehicles are seen by other motorists on the road indirectly affects their corporate image. Branding is important. On top of the obvious safety concerns, speeding and erratic maneuvers on the road make a poor impression. eMaxx understands the value of telematics-based data and its ability to improve vehicle operator performance over time. By coupling this information with positive reinforcement, this tech-enabled leader offers education and positive reinforcement through its 24/7 telematics exchange program, Elevate, and the interactive training of eLive Connect.

When employees are aware that their companies are investing in driver risk management, they also inherently gain a sense of security and ultimately become more engaged in their jobs. In turn, this contributes to fewer workplace accidents, promotes a corporate culture of safety and reassures staff (and families) that their health and well-being matter. They can rely on a variety of tools to continue their learning, including interactive videos, webinars, tailgate meetings, podcasts, documents, links and weather alerts, as well as state commercial drivers’ manual refresher courses.

Research shows that overall operation costs are reduced by implementing these driver-centered programs. This includes fewer workdays lost, reduced likelihood of lawsuits and an incredible fuel savings. Afterall, a vehicle that exceeds the speed limit by 15 mph in a 60 mph zone uses, on average, 20% more gas (not to mention, less carbon emissions). Moreover, these safety measures translate in less wear and tear on vehicles.

Risk management technology from eMaxx empowers companies and their drivers on both a societal and economic level. Contact our team today to learn more.