From all angles, paradigm shifts are fueling innovation and big changes in products, concepts and ideas throughout the commercial insurance industry. At the forefront of these fresh new strategies is the eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies, which has announced its 2022 Risk Management Summit: Igniting Tomorrow, October 9-12, at The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

eMaxx has taken the captive insurance market by storm with its tech-enabled approaches to delivering risk management and claims management. By empowering clients as true partners in the captive insurance experience, eMaxx has become a respected industry leader, nationwide. So it makes sense that this commercial insurance powerhouse will host one of the biggest and best risk management conferences of the year.

The Summit offers something for just about everyone: small and middle market companies, commercial property and casualty insurance firms, insurance brokers and agents, defense law firms, risk management and technology service providers and claims management service providers. Participants come for a variety of reasons, but most are looking for 21st century answers to foundational questions in an increasingly litigious and technical world. These issues include: improving their insurance programs, innovating captive insurance-based solutions, implementing more effective risk management technologies, finding smarter ways to combat plaintiffs and use litigation, managing workers’ compensation claims and using risk management technologies.

The three-day conference underscores the importance of key areas: 1) risk management, 2) loss prevention and safety and 3) claims management and litigation.

Maximizing insurance through alternative risk solutions is at the core of eMaxx. Several Summit sessions will focus on captives—the fastest-growing segment of the today’s commercial insurance industry, as well as variable cost solutions so members have more control over their insurance costs. Technology goes hand in hand with risk solutions. eMaxx’s expertise in this area in unparalleled. An entire session on risk management technologies and innovations will feature eMaxx’s preferred technology partnerships and the newest platforms that have been released into the marketplace. These preferred technology providers will preview what’s expected in the future and how to gain access to these hot new products.

eMaxx experts will spotlight trending topics of special interest to the transportation sector. For example, a segment on autonomous vehicles revolution will discuss the status of robot cars, case studies of accidents involving these technologies, technical and legal challenges to their use and previews of possible future lawsuits in this field. Another timely topic, cell phone forensics, will identify and preserve cellular telephone data that may contain evidence of usage during an accident. New platforms and training programs will also be discussed to help change driver behavior over time.

In the area of claims and litigation management, eMaxx plans a conversation based directly on real-life claim scenarios and insured member feedback on claims process improvement measures. The session will recommend best-practice processes and claim handling solutions. Another timely topic will be how to combat social inflation and how to fund third-party litigation in the face of an alarming increase in unbalanced civil verdicts against defendants (known as ‘judicial hellholes’). This session will discuss how lawsuit geography affects claims values and jury verdicts. eMaxx litigation experts will talk about liability defense strategies to defend against plaintiffs’ ‘reptile theory,’ which subtly coaxes jurors to imagine themselves in a similar situation, hoping to award big damages. A related session will provide tactics to defend against exaggerated damage claims through pre-suit management. Workers’ compensation claims solutions will be analyzed, and the best practices will be suggested for getting injured workers back to work and favorably resolving cases.

Finally, loss prevention and safety sessions are geared toward the towing and transportation industries, with targeted sessions on company and driver behavior post accident, driver retention and qualification process and fleet management and liability exposure. At the heart of each discussion are tech-enabled platforms that ensure partners have the best fleet of commercial drivers possible and that a strong safety culture is built from within the organization.

In addition to these core topics, intensive training for brokers—both new to selling alternative risk insurance solutions and experienced in captives—is on the agenda, along with a spirited roundtable discussion with leading eMaxx defense counsel on litigation trends and tactics.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “In any moment of decision…the worst thing you can do is nothing.” This fall, do the right thing for your company and invest in decision making that will ignite your business’s future. Maximize your insurance with tech-enabled solutions. Learn how at the eMaxx Summit.