For commercial business owners, one of their most confusing but crucial needs is claims litigation management services. Most insurers provide this as part of their standard suite of offerings. However, many company executives cannot find a provider that emphasizes outcome alongside cost. After all, as the International Risk Management Institute warns, a comprehensive program of this sort means not only having a policy to control costs, but also having a set of guidelines to help make the right decisions about when to settle and when to litigate. The Institute also recommends partnering with an operation that efficiently gives clients more information with less effort, so the professionals can use their time to proactively manage.

Sounds like a tall order in a field that’s constantly evolving. Yet it’s not an impossibility. Industry leader eMaxx provides clients nationwide with all of these benefits. Powered by a seasoned team of legal, risk, technology and commercial insurance experts, this nationally respected company harnesses its proprietary programs to identify, suppress and mitigate, if needed, inflated claims before—not after—they become a problem.

Claims services that value litigation management are typically winning arrangements. Their operations-based proactive strategy takes into account the big picture and detailed case information. With more face-to-face client interaction time, there is more transparency and fewer surprises down the road. For example, in previously marginalized industries such as towing, transportation, energy, utilities, waste, recycling, construction and crane & rigging, eMaxx has proven itself as a frontrunner in identifying and addressing societal trends that increase the costs of insurance claims. These include social inflation fueled by overly litigious third parties, higher medical costs, outlandish jury verdicts, unbalanced court procedures rendered by judges and misinterpretation of offense and negligence.

eMaxx doesn’t just sit back and wait for these volatile situations to erupt. Its team goes to work to deploy strategies to combat them before they become overwhelming. As a tech-enabled provider of commercial insurance, it has state-of-the-art claims litigation management software at its fingertips to help manage large or complex cases. This might involve multiple defendants, huge loss or damage and a variety of jurisdictions. Its software is also capable of handling big data, sorting it, storing it and making it available to multiple parties. It can rake out redundancy to review material more efficiently, as well. Collaborative case platforms have been a big hit with clients who appreciate this technology that outlines everything about a case in an easy-to-follow way. From a case’s strengths and weaknesses to progress reports, next steps, due dates and specific efforts made to resolve the case, this tech-enabled approach is one of several ‘bold predictions for the future’ of claims management, according to Claims Litigation Management Magazine. As always, eMaxx has been a leader in this area and plans to share its perspective on the future of claims litigation management at its annual conference, ‘Igniting Tomorrow,’ slated for Oct. 9-12 in Arizona.

Don’t wait until your commercial insurance legal needs overwhelm you. Consult eMaxx, a proactive leader in claims management.