No matter the size of a business, the threat of legal action and nuclear verdicts are legitimate concerns. To small businesses or specialty industries, these litigation scenarios can seem insurmountable. Managing them can feel overwhelming. Moreover, the types of insurance claims are diverse, ranging from theft, fire, weather-related, customer injury, product defect, vehicular malfunction and reputational harm. Unfortunately, no business can escape these types of allegations. A Hartford study reveals that within the next decade, about 40% of small businesses will sustain a loss. And for mid-sized and large corporations, the entire notion of claim management becomes even more complicated.
One of the keys to combatting these challenges is state-of-the-art claim management services, such as those provided by eMaxx, an industry innovator in the field of insurance claims management. By harnessing the power of technology platforms and fueling this with expertise in property litigation and oversight, eMaxx serves clients nationwide in the vertical markets of transportation, towing, recycling, utilities, energy, construction and crane & rigging, to name a few sectors.
Currently, many businesses continue to operate under the old umbrella of manual processing. This results in higher costs, lack of coordination among departments, delayed settlements, human error and an obvious wedge between provider and client. Furthermore, this old-school claim management system puts the client in a defensive posture, reacting to crises after the fact.
At eMaxx, clients are true partners who can see, in real time, how each case is being processed. Clients, along with their eMaxx representative, take ownership of the process, working with professionals to make the best decisions for their business. No more unbalanced and unfair legal verdicts. No more exceptionally high or unreasonable jury award. And no more unexpected surprises as a result of evolving tort law that allows individuals to sue for minor infringement. The entire insurance claims management process becomes a lot less stressful when seasoned professionals anticipate these problems and mitigate them before they fester.
By identifying and addressing these societal trends, eMaxx covers all the bases before the game begins. From automobile liability to general liability and property, it manages all facets of litigation, accident reconstruction, claim adjustment, cause and origin, environmental oversight and catastrophic response. It also employs experts in the area of worker’s compensation. So clients don’t have to worry about nurse triage or caseload, provider bill review, official disability guidelines, return to work procedures and InsurCard (the leading debit card used for property, casualty and workers’ comp).
Join the satisfied clients around the nation who have put their claim management in the hands of the experts at eMaxx.