The uncertain financial market, staggering supply chain problems and an unpredictable pandemic have kept employers on edge. Along with these unprecedented times come escalating premium costs which, according to Business Insurance (a widely respected source of information for risk management executives), increased almost 7% in the first quarter of 2022. Small, medium and large companies are looking for ways to combat these escalating prices and plan ahead to outmaneuver them.

Furthermore, companies are searching for ways to bundle these needs comprehensively. Yet not every broker realizes the importance of risk mitigation. In fact, Business Insurance Magazine reported that risk mitigation was not highly rated by most brokers, yet the benefits, such as cheaper policies, were highly valued. Clearly loss-control services are a vital part of any client’s commercial policy. eRisk Solutions understands this and specializes in safety and loss prevention, investigational claims, oversight and litigation management.

What makes eRisk truly stand out among the competition is that it is innovative. It’s not the traditional, cookie-cutter approach. It looks ahead, and incorporates the idea of risk management offerings, including proactive industry-specific safety and loss prevention. It’s a full suite of tech-enabled eRisk  that ultimately reduces long-term costs for clients and time and time again comes out ahead of the pack as a critical driver of underwriting profitability.

How does eRisk Solutions meet the customers where they are? It couples 21st century technology with the best assessment and measurement methods in the business. Agnostic platforms are capable of synching with any business’s current software. Customers have 50+ telematics providers at their fingertips to leverage GPS and dashcams. Third-party data and analytics ensure the smartest risk management decisions are made. And a 24-hour web-based safety and loss prevention learning center acts as an as-needed online teaching tool.

eRisk solutions are a total customer-centric risk management platform. It takes the worry and anxiety out of the risk management equation. From transportation to energy and utilities, for example, companies in niche markets across the nation have partnered with eMaxx and reaped the benefits of this all-encompassing program. A transport company in New Jersey, for example, enjoys the advantages of the technology components that they otherwise would not be able to manage themselves: “[eMaxx] truly provides the tools that customers need today to manage their risk management and insurance program.” An energy firm in Massachusetts has profited from the combination of expertise provided by these eMaxx offerings: “A variable cost captive program combined with this technology provides the ability for our company to have control over the outcome of insurance costs.”

Get the maximum mileage from your insurance services. Partner with a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in all areas of safety and loss prevention. Contact eMaxx today.