The economy, which hinges so heavily on societal trends, is currently in flux. From a commercial coverage standpoint, this can be scary. Along these lines, the Insurance Information Institute underscores the significance of societal inflation: “hard to measure, important to understand.” This is true because it directly affects commercial claims-related losses and corresponding coverage costs. Soaring legal charges impact payouts, loss ratios and the amount policyholders pay out of pocket.

Because societal trends are so unpredictable, it’s often hard for companies to foresee future costs and, more importantly, manage the entire claims management process—from reparation to compensation, restitution and actual legal obligation. Some don’t know where to begin. If a company is asking, ‘what is insurance claims management,’ it probably needs advice and guidance from a team of professionals that puts its best interests first. eMaxx is that team.

eMaxx works across the nation with clients whose niche markets have historically made it difficult for them to benefit from traditional coverage. These industries range from transportation to towing, energy, waste, recycling, energy, construction and crane and rigging. Claims managements systems for insurance in these sectors are critical because they typically have ‘deep pockets.’ These industries are also challenged by strict compliance with state and federal regulations. Simultaneously, consumers have increasing expectations. Keeping track of everything can daunting. For this reason, a streamlined process, backed by state-of the-art technology managed by a team of professionals, is vital to the success of these businesses—both large and small.

Now more than ever before, insurance claims management must make use of 21st century technology that can provide a seamless experience for the customer during every touchpoint of the claims journey. A recent McKinsey report found that about 85 percent of executives “said they increased the digitalization of employee interactions and engagement” since 2020. Companies shouldn’t be left behind. As a tech-enabled provider, eMaxx understands this.

From developing tactics to reducing fraud, to cutting costs, implementing loss and prevention strategies, enhancing risk management with high-tech tools, eMaxx is helping its members take control of their destiny and minimize unexpected surprises with unparalleled claims management. It works side by side with members in general areas of auto liability, general liability and property. Specifically, it provides litigation management, accident reconstruction, claim adjustment, cause and origin, environmental oversight and catastrophic response. Under the umbrella of worker’s compensation, eMaxx oversees nurse cases, reviews bills, handles official disability guidelines and return-to-work requirements and provides virtual insurance cards.

From start to finish, put your insurance claims management in the hands of pros. eMaxx is ready.