Most human resources managers understand why communication is important in the workplace. From a professional and organizational standpoint, companies can become dysfunctional if these interpersonal skills aren’t practiced.

Yet, according to many experts, many large organizations don’t exactly practice what they preach. In fact, they fail to embrace a key component: disseminating risk management information to middle- and front-line managers. A study conducted by the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) reports only 1 in 3 middle managers and only 1 in 5 front-line managers have received training about the risks they face in their industry and how to better train and educate themselves to minimize loss.

This lack of training and communication in the workplace has a dreadful impact on a company’s response to threats. Risk management teams need to rely on trustworthy business partners to consider risk, evaluate it and develop risk management plans that are built into a company’s insurance coverage. It’s one thing to be a policyholder, but it’s another to be an active participant in the risk management solutions necessary to ensure a company thrives.

eMaxx understands the tactics that business leaders can use to better communicate risk issues to employees in the workplace. The team helps its partners build a risk management training curriculum. This is exactly the strategy that the RIMS and other experts recommend: “deploying training across multiple channels such as e-learning modules and in-person classes…which makes training accessible to all employees regardless of location and learning style.” By investing in training and improving risk management communication in the workplace, companies can empower employees to make better decisions and avert accidents, errors and misjudgments before they happen.

How does eMaxx accomplish this? Its team of professionals in commercial insurance, technology and risk management partners with companies of all sizes around the nation in industries ranging from energy to utilities, recycling, construction, crane and rigging, towing and transportation. It creates a customized plan of coverage that provides alternative risk captive insurance solutions. This means that members take control of their coverage and risk management plans with easy-to-use tech-enabled tools that help them educate and train personnel to mitigate risk. Each resource is carefully designed for effective communication in the workplace so implementation is seamless and successful. A flagship example includes e-Live Connect, a virtual learning platform that offers a secure, web-based loss prevention and safety education center with interactive training, videos, webinars, tailgate meetings, podcasts, document links and weather alerts. This 24/7 site also includes refresher courses for drivers and access to usage reports—a highly successful service in the towing and transportation industries.

As a result, clients become full-fledged members and ultimately achieve lower costs because of these state-of-the-art platforms, proactive loss prevention and safety programs, claims oversight and litigation management. Mitigate risk and improve employee communication. Contact eMaxx today.