Warren Buffett once said that “companies obtain the shareholder constituency that they seek and deserve.” In short, most management teams value loyal, longterm shareholders—partners who truly have a vested interest in the product or service they use and support. And when loyal clients become owners, and conversely owners are clients, the relationship knows no limits.

At eMaxx, this philosophy remains at the core of its business. As one of the nation’s most widely respected leaders in commercial insurance for the transportation, roadside assistance and towing, waste and recycling, utilities and energy sectors, eMaxx offers unparalleled captive insurance solutions for clients that empower them as small, mid-sized or large businesses.

Not all captive insurance company solutions are created equal, however. By definition, a captive is a fully owned subsidiary that is formed with the primary objective of offering insurance to its parent company. In other words, the insurer is owned by the insured. When choosing the right business relationship, it’s important to note that a variety of these partnerships exist, and a company needs to be savvy enough to choose the best captive insurance plan that provides the ideal options for its needs and strategic plans. That’s where eMaxx comes in. eMaxx does not try to force companies to fit into a ‘cookie-cutter’ model. Rather, its professional team of seasoned risk management, technology and claims experts work with client-owners to curate the most creative and adaptive policy. Homogenous, heterogenous and single-parent arrangements are all possible.

Captive solutions for insurance commercial sectors are outperforming the traditional market and are undeniably a more effective choice. With an eMaxx partnership, members are able to receive underwriting profits and dividend returns as their investment income accumulates. Members are empowered by being able to manage their own program through participation on the board of directors and governing committees. More control means less worry about unexpected premium swings. Coverages are also customized for different categories, including commercial auto, workers compensation and general liability. Furthermore, clients can easily access and benefit from a multitude of loss prevention and safety programs, as well as risk management platforms, powered by state-of-the-art technology, such as telematics and 24/7 web-based educational and training modules. All packages are industry specific and can be tailored to suit each client’s specific needs. When all is said and done, clients enjoy a major reduction in frequency and severity of claim outcomes, often up to 46%.

Captive insurance is outperforming the traditional market. Don’t get left behind. Policyholder-owned alternative risk programs are the answer. Contact eMaxx to get on board.