Transportation industry analysts are forecasting a skyrocketing demand for new vehicles in the coming years as a result of a pent-up desire to travel that was squashed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Barring any unexpected disruptions, a return to ‘normalcy’ will also see more people commuting to work once again. Regardless of the destination, experts expect more motorists on the road, which ultimately impacts the need for towing services. The $11 billion U.S. towing industry is expected to grow. Services cover a range of activities, including passenger car and commercial vehicle towing, maintenance and roadside assistance, emergency road repair and wrecking.

With this industry boom comes an increased need for risk management, technology and proactive commercial insurance that anticipates safety and loss needs and mitigates risk with educational and empowering tools. One of the leaders of the pack in this arena is eMaxx—an innovative and seasoned tech-enabled captive insurance provider that specializes in niche markets that include towing and transportation. The team understands the importance of putting technology into the hands of their corporate clients across the nation. One of these outstanding tools is a state-of-the-art driver portal app. It’s a star example of how innovations in risk management software have transformed how transportation companies have kept their drivers safe on the road.

Interactive relationships within a driver portal are proven to cultivate skills and behaviors that cut risk. They help develop these habits in young employees and keep seasoned workers on their toes. eMaxx’s online platform ‘Elevate’ is a value-added mechanism accessible to all clients. It has changed behavior over time by leveraging telematics data and online learning with educations and positive reinforcement. Feedback is available 24/7. By combining analytics of the telematics exchange and interactive training of the educational platform (eLive Connect), individuals take charge of their performance and work toward improvement.

A nation safe driver provider portal is not a completely new idea. In fact, the notion of educating employees on the road in this industry has remained strong since the 1960s as highways expanded across the country. However, eMaxx has a winning way of packaging this to its clients. It offers dashboard for garaging, radius, territory, speeding, fleet footprint, accident events, venue data and claims processing. Every step of the process is simplified for streamlined management. Moreover, eMaxx members have access to 50+ telematics service providers. This variety of providers ensures that members can choose the information and monitoring program that matches their needs best. eMaxx is proud that its driver connect portal continues to be praised by small, mid-sized and big clients alike, including AAA.
Join the members nationwide who value their employees’ safety on the road and harness the latest technology to make that possible. Contact eMaxx today.