For most people running their business, keeping up with new software platforms, artificial intelligence, robotics, surveillance, dash-cams and even the latest electronic claims managements systems can be a hassle. Staying up to date can take precious time away from running the company. Discovering how to stay current with technology is essential but daunting, especially as it relates to commercial insurance.

With eMaxx, a national leader in tech-enabled risk management and captive insurance programs, keeping up with the latest and the best in technical expertise is virtually worry-free. In fact, this outstanding commercial insurance provider was recently applauded by Insurance Journal for its innovations in overall program administration. Emaxx’s forward-thinking centralized and mechanized variable cost captive programs provide a single, central source for client to manage their own insurance and risk management destinies. Clients in transportation, waste and recycling and utilities are reaping the benefits.

eMaxx doesn’t merely offer advice to businesses on how to stay current with technology trends. They actually do the work and guide businesses through the process, so the end result is that the business owner can take charge of its company, big or small. Imagine having access to policies, program documents, accident and loss history, claim records (including adjuster notes) and real-time billing information. Clients can see what’s affecting their costs and make adjustments on the spots.
The beauty of this relationship is that the client no longer spends time researching or hiring multiple outside contractors to learn how to stay current with new technology. Rather, eMaxx takes care of the platforms and drives business by putting ownership in the hands of the client. The client, as full partner, is a member of the cost captive. Consequently, the client can have all its insurance programs at its fingertips.

Tech-enabled risk management mechanisms make a huge difference in organizational success. From telematics to driver files, motor vehicle registration monitoring and 24-hour online learning platforms, these state-of-the-art tools have minimized risk for clients around the nation. Other highly praised tools include the ‘Elevate’ program, which changes driver behavior over time by leveraging telematics data and online learning with the help of technology, education and positive reinforcement.
In the 21st century, most companies are aware that tech-enabled insurance programs make life easier, but many don’t know how to access these winning tools. Contact eMaxx Group today to learn more about how today’s technological trends can be part of your company’s insurance profits tomorrow and for generations to come.