Only a few decades ago, the thought of a small- or mid-sized firm owning its own captive insurance company was a stretch of the imagination. However, about 10 years ago, the benefits of this business relationship caught the eyes of many smaller businesses who wanted the perks of this special partnership and financial investment mechanism. Experts in the field touted its many advantages. As reported by The Journal of Accountancy, the establishment of such an arrangement “can provide substantial tax and nontax benefits to successful shareholders and their families.”

Since then, the desire to establish a captive has triggered countless companies across the U.S. to seek expert advice on how to establish and maintain it. With the seasoned team at eMaxx—an industry leader for the past 10 years in the arenas of transportation and utilities—companies (big or small) can have the finest counsel at their fingertips 24/7. With specialized experience in claims mitigation, information technology, litigation, workers’ compensation and risk management, the professionals at eMaxx currently server more than 150 clients in the segments of: AAA towing and roadside assistance, energy and waste/recycling.

Within these areas, the available captive solutions are exceptional. The following benefits are a sampling:

Towing and roadside assistance—Members receive underwriting profits and dividend returns. Investment income accumulates. Members manage their own insurance as participants on Board of Directors and Governing Committees. Large premium swings typically don’t affect captive insurance costs. Tailored coverages are available for commercial auto, workers comp and general liability. Moreover, by adopting high-tech but easy-to-use risk management tools like dash cams and telematics, companies can combat punitive damage judgements and commercial auto trends.

Energy—An eMaxx captive offers expertise in a variety of segments including fuel distribution, energy transportation, energy construction, renewables, agricultural cooperatives and utilities. Coverages range from employers’ liability to product liability, property damage, sudden and accidental pollution and excess. Once again, members control their own destiny by sharing in the profits of their policy.

Waste and Recycling—Insurance is one of the largest expenses waste and recycling operators encounter. But eMaxx captive management plans provide options that help mitigate these expenses, retain sufficient coverage and tailor the policy to these unique needs. eMaxx offers coverage for landfills, garbage works, recycling collection centers, metal scrap dealers, septic tank systems and portable toilet rentals, street cleaning and hazardous medical disposal.

In addition to these benefits, clients enjoy extensive claims management and loss prevention and safety programs with web-based educational and training platforms including eLive Connect: answers for members in real time.

Don’t be left behind one of the most important cost-saving commercial insurance policies available today in the industry. Captive insurance programs are clearly outperforming the tradition market and put the policyholder in charge of its destiny. Talk to an eMaxx representative today.