It’s a new year, and many businesses are realizing that partnerships are going to be critical to help them solve the unexpected financial losses and workforce shortages of the past two years. With the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, companies are seeking out promising innovations for their commercial insurance in 2022 and beyond. In fact, a Deloitte survey finds that financial insurance executives across the U.S. are primed for growth but realize that implementing new employee safeguards and planning for unexpected deficits are going to be critical for success. They recommend capitalizing on innovations and flexibility that address governance expectations among stakeholders.

This may sound like a tall order, but with the right safety and loss prevention professionals guiding the process, companies can meet these demands to face the new year’s challenges head on. The commercial and captive insurance experts at eMaxx are equipped with the best risk management services and have been successfully serving the transportation and utility industries nationwide for the past 10 years.

Serving clients across the U.S., the team at eMaxx sister company—eRisk Solutions—comprehensively addresses the most important elements of risk management: measurement and assessment, mitigation, reporting and monitoring and governance. All of this is delivered in a state-of-the-art user-friendly technology platform, exclusively developed by the eMaxx team. It addresses the fragmented commercial telematics market, defense of commercial auto liability claims, the need to change driver behavior and the current driver shortage. The platform is ‘agnostic,’ meaning that it is cross-compatible with most users’ software and is resilient and flexible.

This cloud-based software is exceptional because it uses the latest technology innovations. These tech-enabled solutions include GPS technology and dashboard device to monitor mileage, fuel, location, speed, engine diagnostics and WiFi—all with one simple login. It also includes a data warehouse, analytics and third-party data to help companies formulate the best risk management strategies in their industry. With access to 50+ telematics service providers, companies have all the useful information they need at their fingertips to mitigate claims, ensure worker safety and decrease turnover. No more reacting after the fact. With eMaxx, companies can be sure that they have cutting-edge and proactive safety and loss prevention programs tailored to their needs.

From a governance perspective, eMaxx members take control of their destiny by choosing the right coverages for their needs. They become partners in their own insurance program and, as an active participant in their mutual insurance company, make decisions as part of the Board of Directors and Governing Committees.

eMaxx also believes that an informed client is a satisfied client, which is why, as part of its eRisk Solutions program, it offers a 24-hour e-Learning Platform. This secure, web-based loss prevention and safety learning center includes refresher courses for commercial drivers, interactive trainings, webinars, podcasts, educational links and online resources, up-to-date weather alerts and more. Tackle the uncertainties of 2022 with the assurance of experts. Contact eMaxx today.