In the corporate sector, it’s common knowledge that proactive, not reactive, behavior is sound business sense. Having a strategy in place that will not only identify, but also prioritize, possible threats to a company’s financial well-being is non-negotiable. This strategy should also include identification of strengths and weaknesses. It should also outline the steps to take in the event of a crisis. These actions can be used to help guide the direction of a company as it mitigates safety, financial and human resources problems as they arise.

As a national leader in risk management, eMaxx, understands the importance of innovative and assertive risk management tailored to a company’s needs before the incident occurs, so companies can rest assured their insurance covers present and future problems.

Assessing the best risk management action plan for a company, however, is time-consuming and often all-encompassing, beyond the scope of work that some companies realize. For example, many companies don’t realize that their worker’s compensation plans do not cover all employees in all subsidiaries. Other companies find out the hard way that their insurance policies do not cover all the line items they assumed would be part of a claim. Still other businesses—in the middle of an unforeseen problem—learn that supervisors may not be following standard safety protocols, which can result in legal suits. Perhaps OSHA and safety trainings are scant. Or perhaps a better reporting procedure is needed in the case of an accident. Moreover, the company may simply need help in filing claims properly.

All of these helpful services are available with the professional team at eMaxx, which provides risk technology platforms, proactive loss prevention and safety programs, claims oversight and litigation management for big and small companies nationwide. Specializing in transportation and utilities, the group partners with their clients, who eventually become members of the insurtech company, thereby taking control of their own destiny with custom coverages and achieving lower costs. Currently, with the services of eMaxx, this brand of risk management group actions is working successfully for more than 150 utility and transportation companies across the country, particularly for those dealing with the unprecedented driver shortage. During this difficult time, eMaxx is providing these clients with expert defense of commercial auto liability claims and cutting-edge training and safety platforms that improve and change driver behavior over time.

Companies that use the eMaxx risk management action plan reap the benefits of access to more than 50 telematics service providers, a full data warehouse and analytics and a dashboard for garaging, speeding, territory and radius. These tools put the insured in the position of ownership, with more control over their own operations. Moreover, a risk management activity tracker monitors audits, warranty activity, phone calls, onsite visit, work hours, billable hours and other safety needs. Companies can even review claims and adjuster notes online.

Imagine proactive strategies for commercial businesses—managed by experts and fully transparent to clients—all at your fingertips. Contact eMaxx now to make it happen.