Most insurance companies recognize that at the crux of today’s societal inflation are people’s attitudes. An increasing number of individuals believe they’re entitled to some type of compensation for injury or loss, and they’re willing to pursue legal action because of this. The public’s perception of big business has also eroded in recent years, leaving even the best corporations scurrying to pick up the pieces of a surprisingly astronomical legal suit after the crisis.

However, with innovative and cost-saving tips for claims management and protection, businesses can circumvent these obstacles and avoid damaging effects on their future earnings. A leader in the insurtech field, eMaxx offers a variety of resources for commercial property and casualty insurance, captive insurance, loss prevention and safety, investigative and litigation programs and underwriting, training and telematics technology platforms for the insurance vertical. The latter is especially important because companies can feel confident that their insurance provider knows their industry inside and out. eMaxx provides specialized services for specialized fields, including energy and towing.

In short, claims management applies state-of-the-art technology and safety mechanisms to mitigate a claim. This recipe of risk management, safety and technology provides clients with protection in any situation—whether or not the client is at fault—because the evidence helps prove the facts. With added claim control, businesses can feel that they are planning and strategizing with lead time, as opposed to reacting after the fact.

This can be accomplished with proactive claims methods. The eMaxx team analyzes trends, identifies needs for enhanced safety practices and recommends cutting-edge technology to complement each tailor-made insurance policy. Approaches help mitigate auto/general liability/property cases including: litigation management, accident reconstruction, adjustment, cause and origin, environmental oversight and catastrophic response. Strategies also mitigate workers’ compensation cases, including: nurse triage, provider bill review, official disability guidelines, return-to-work and virtual insurcards.

With professional oversight, most claims solutions are easy to implement. Tactics range from placing cameras on properties to deter burglars, installing dashboard cameras or requiring drivers to wear seatbelts to avoid bodily harm in the event of an accident. From a workers’ comp standpoint, a virtual insurance card, for example, streamlines the entire process, which makes medical payments to providers faster, more secure and less expensive. No matter what the case, putting preventative measures into action will minimize cost and are a critical component to any program.

At the heart of everything eMaxx does is its pledge to maximize insurance through technology risk management. With this winning approach, companies can plan ahead and expect to see more savings and enhanced safety. Experience the eMaxx guarantee today.