Most sociological experts agree that in today’s plaintiff-friendly world, commercial legal costs are skyrocketing. More than ever before, companies in the 21st century are facing escalating third-party litigation crises, higher medical costs, unreasonably high damage awards, ever-changing definitions of civil wrongdoings (tort) and negligence and unbalanced application of the law—also known as ‘judicial hellholes.’ This so-called societal inflation can leave a business weary. Moreover, many companies lack the resources to combat these challenges.

However, with professional claims management from the expert team at eMaxx, companies can rest assured that these signs of the time do not necessarily need to result in financial loss or escalated legal ramifications. By coupling claim mitigation strategies with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge safety mechanisms, clients can experience the perfect recipe for success. The support, preparation and partnership that eMaxx offers can make a huge difference in the way a company navigates every case. The legwork and research are done beforehand, so companies can handle each situation with confidence. Best of all, each client becomes a proactive voice in the collaborative process.

Businesses do not need to worry about claimants exploiting trends to inflate insurance costs because eMaxx is one step ahead of them—using proven alternative claims management strategies that directly address societal inflation with proprietary litigation programs that identify these exaggerations, suppress them and mitigate them if they arise. In fact, a recent article in the Small Business Chronicle reports that these strategies are extremely important in the commercial insurance sector because they can detect fraud, reduce costs and avoid litigation in many cases.

Our claims management services generally fall under two categories. First, ‘automobile liability/general liability/property’ includes litigation management, accident reconstruction, adjustment, cause and origin, environmental oversight and catastrophic response. Second, ‘worker’s compensation’ includes nurse triage, provider bill review, nurse case management, official disability guidelines, return to work and our insurcard virtual card.

Without a doubt, professional claims management services can add value to a company, directly affect their financial statements, lower costs and improve their return on investment. Studies show that because adjusters typically lack accountability, commercial insurance cases can lag. However, time-tested claims management resources oversee detailed status reports, ensure repeated contact with adjusters and put into place specific plans for case closure. An easy-to-use online client portal offers members a fast and efficient way to report a case; service is available 24/7.

Learn how the eMaxx team can partner with you today to combat societal inflation and control costs through innovative claims management. Contact us today.