Most executives, entrepreneurs and shareholders know by now that reacting to market trends is a thing of the past. Most companies have come to realize in the past few years that the best way to grow is to assume control of their corporate destiny. In the commercial insurance industry, the only way to thrive is to take advantage of the newest strategies and tools available to propel a company through the 21st century. Currently, risk management is one of the hottest topics. How can companies learn more?

The 2021 Risk Management Summit hosted by industry leader eMaxx is the answer. Slated for October 20-23 in South Beach, Fl., the conference promises to be a resource and catalyst for participants interested not only in damage control, but also in technology claims, litigation and variable cost captive insurance solutions to take control of fiscal destiny.

The summit is undoubtedly unlike any other in the industry. It brings together variable cost captive members, prospective policyholders, strategic partners and industry experts. Attendees can choose among 25 top-notch sessions to learn and explore their options. Trending topics include: mitigating punitive damage exposure through claims, vehicle risk management technology solutions, how to improve property and casualty insurance programs, benefits of variable cost captives, how to reduce losses, best ways to combat plaintiffs and the latest in workers compensation claims strategies. The forum takes risk management to the next level.

The Risk Management for Companies

For companies who are still not sold on the importance of this topic, the case is clear. Only with clear initiative in place, can a company be more confident in its decisions, protect its losses and control its future. A recent article in Forbes soberly notes that the volatile nature of our world makes planning for the future more important than ever. Like the pandemic, extraordinary events are becoming more commonplace. Consequently, it makes sense for companies to proactively plan for better and more protective handling of employees, data, infrastructure and technology.

The upcoming summit can help make sense of these daunting corporate responsibilities. The meeting is ideal for small and middle-market companies, commercial property and casualty insurance firms, insurance brokers and agents, defense law firms, risk management and technology service providers and claims third-party administrators.

Why not take advantage of a wealth of information and experts under one roof at the conference of the year? Contact eMaxx today to learn more about this year’s risk management summit, “Back into the Future,” and to save your spot in October.