What Is Claims Management?

Claims Management can assist in identifying and addressing societal trends that increase the costs of insurance claims, such as social inflation fueled by third-party litigation funding, higher medical costs, nuclear jury verdicts and judicial hellholes and evolving legal concepts of tort and negligence

Claims management can, minimize these unexpected surprises and to directly address social inflation with proprietary litigation management programs to identify these types of claims, suppress than and to mitigate them if they develop.

What Does eMaxx Claims Management Company Do?

The claims management team provides expertise in the following:

  • Litigation Management
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Claim Adjustment
  • Cause & Origin
  • Environmental Oversight & Management
  • Catastrophic Response
  • Nurse Case Management
  • Provider Bill Review
  • Nurse Triage
  • Official Disability Guidelines
  • Return to Work
  • InsurCard Virtual Card