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Peabody, MA –– eMaxx today announced that the eCaptiv programs surpassed the 100th Member mark and recognized MacFarlane Energy as the 100th Member. MacFarlane Energy, a Greater Boston, Massachusetts based company, specializes in providing home heating oil delivery, energy efficient system design and installation along with air conditioning and heating equipment services.

“We are glad to be back joining the eMaxx family as the 100th Member of the eCaptiv program,” said Scott D. MacFarlane, President of MacFarlane Energy. “The risk management, loss prevention and claims management services combined with eMaxx’s technology programs are the best that we have had from any insurance provider.”

The captive programs focus on providing risk management and technology programs to combat nuclear punitive damage judgements and commercial auto trends including dash cameras, telematics and online trainings. Members including MacFarlane Energy manage their own insurance program through participation in the program governance including the Board of Directors and Governing Committees.

“eMaxx is grateful to recognize MacFarlane Energy as a former policyholder as the 100th Member, “said Timothy Kolojay, President of eCaptiv, LLC. “It is great to see that our former policyholders value the meaningful loss prevention and claims management services as well as our technology programs. We look forward to having other former policyholders like MacFarlane return to eMaxx.”

eMaxx acts as the sponsor of eCaptiv, a Vermont domiciled captive reinsurance company that is organized to provide protected cells reinsurance support. eCaptiv PC1-IC and PC2-IC are for energy companies within fuel distribution, energy transportation, energy construction, renewable energy, agricultural cooperative, and utilities segments. The PC3-IC and PC4-IC programs offer captive risk solutions to emergency roadside assistance providers that are affiliated with AAA.  For more information about the eCaptiv programs, please visit

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