Source: Regina Wheeler

The modern-day workplace has changed so much over the last ten years, and with every year that passes now, it seems as though these changes are becoming more and more drastic. We’re solidly beginning to say goodbye to the usual 9-5 routine for good, and penned office floors are being replaced with coworking spaces and the comfort of cafes and our own homes.

Technology is fuelling this time of evolution, and it’s incredible to take a minute and see how far we’ve come, yet we can sit in awe with how far we should go. It’s an endless journey and an exciting one at that.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about some of the amazing technologies behind this shaping era of change that are happening right now. Whether you’re educating yourself on your business, or you’re looking for ideas on how to take your business to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

Easing the woes of the commute

Nowadays, a day at work starts long before the employee has walked through the entrance to the office. If an employee is remote working, this doesn’t even begin with a commute, because in most cases, there simply isn’t one.

However, even if there is a commute still, there are technologies to help lessen the struggles. For example, imagine an app that can help employees find parking spaces in and around your building, or if you operate an open-desk policy, helping them quickly locate where they’re going to be working that day.

With traditional stresses like these basically eliminated completely, employees are witness to the best possible start to the day, which means they’re going to be happier, more productive, less stressed, and willing to do the best they can with ease.

Enhancing and improving the meeting experience

For many businesses, the meeting experience has always been a problem. From having meetings just for the sake of having them and trying to organize them accurately to get people to pay attention and overbooking conference rooms, meetings are the bane of existence for a lot of people.

However, there are plenty of technologies that are aiming to change this. From meeting room booking software that aims to keep everyone in check and meeting room organized all the time, to the technology that aims to keep people engaged with meetings from start to finish, I’m sure we can agree meetings aren’t what they used to be; or at least they’re not in forward-thinking companies.

Many of the solutions available right now are self-service solutions, which means if someone needs to book a meeting, they can do so right from their computer, or a tablet that is usually found on the door to the meeting room itself. Signage is also being displayed outside the rooms to prevent unnecessary interruptions.

Better Collaboration Tools

With the rise of instant messaging services, video conferencing platforms, and cloud file-sharing networks, team collaboration in the workplace has never been easier. You can even work with employees on the other side of the world in real-time thanks to this technology.

This is perhaps the biggest and best impact technology has had on the workplace. With this instant connectivity, it’s never been easier to get stuff done and to get it done to a higher quality. Businesses can employ people from anywhere in the world to fill specific roles; whether that’s full-time or on a freelance basis, as can businesses connect with clients.

Securing the Top Talent for Your Business

The younger generations of the world have never known a time without the technology that exists today, which means they’re capable of using it better than anybody. Technology comes naturally to them, and this is having a big effect on businesses.

“When the top talent is entering the workforce, they’re proactively looking for businesses that offer the most up-to-date experience. Young talent doesn’t want to work for old businesses who are stuck in their old, traditional ways, and won’t even interact with businesses who do,” explains Emma Harding, a business writer at OriginWritings.

This is having such a huge impact on the recruitment industry and human resources department. Most young talent will now host their own websites to give their portfolios, and would rather connect and apply for a job via a social media network, rather than fill out a form or hand over their CV.

This means existing businesses are going to need to change the way they approach their recruitment process. Otherwise, the best of the best is not even going to look in their direction but will instead opt for businesses who are taking the more dynamic approach.

This is also relevant when you look at businesses and their retention rates. If a business is unwilling to upgrade their processes, cut stress, and make their workplaces more streamlined and dynamic, the chances are the employees are going to get tired quickly and will end up taking their talents elsewhere.

Improving Governance and Compliance

Businesses need to ensure they’re following the law, or else they’re going to end up in a lot of trouble. This is a common problem that affects every business, especially since it can take a lot of time, money, and resources to ensure each business is getting it right. However, there are plenty of technological solutions out there that are trying to make it better.

This includes making processes like auditing and record-keeping far easier and far more accurate than it has been in the past, as well as making it easier to make people accountable for their actions. This also includes governments and governing bodies being able to pass on information and guidelines far more accurately and quicker than before.

This has been proven with the latest COVID-19 outbreak where governments have been forced to share information quickly with businesses to help save lives. Technology is doing amazing things for this world, and especially the workplace, but it’s up to you to start implementing it so you can experience the benefits for yourself.