On Friday, July 25th, interns from Energi Insurance Services along with interns from Boston Private Bank volunteered their time and efforts at the Soldier’s Home in Chelsea, MA. The Soldier’s Home has been providing multifaceted health care and housing to the veterans of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since it was established in 1882. The interns worked together to transform the overgrown landscape and deteriorating stone wall by the entrance of the Soldier’s Home into a beautiful mulched garden with the help of ROC Landscaping. ROC Landscaping generously donated the help of a professional landscaper, materials, and equipment to aid in Energi’s effort to beautify the outdoor space for the local veterans.

“It was amazing to see how much we were able to accomplish when we worked together,” said Energi intern, Molly Lueke, when reflecting on how much of a difference one day of service can make.

“It was an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to give back to the veterans who have done us the great service of protecting our nation and providing our everyday freedoms that we often take for granted,” stated Energi intern, Chris Richardson.

Though the task seemed daunting when they first arrived, the twelve interns were able to make an amazing transformation of the Soldier’s Home in a relatively short amount of time by working as a team.