­­This past Tuesday, July 22nd, the Peabody office summer interns from Energi Insurance Services and James Nentwig, Vice President of Corporate Projects, met with Mayor Bettencourt of Peabody. Upon arrival, the interns were given an educational tour of the town hall building guided by the city council interns. After the tour, Mayor Bettencourt welcomed the interns into his office where he shared his experience as mayor of Peabody thus far, his aspirations for the city, and general advice on how to be successful in any industry.

As a man who accomplished his childhood goal of becoming mayor of his home town, Mayor Bettencourt could not emphasize enough the importance of setting personal goals. “It is rare to see someone doing what they dreamed of at a young age, but Mayor Bettencourt’s persistence and adherence to his life-long goals is truly inspiring,” said Derek Ciccone, Energi intern, when reflecting upon his experience meeting with the mayor.  Mayor Bettencourt discussed how setting and revisiting short and medium-term goals can help you focus your energy where it will be most productive as well as keep you on track to achieving your long-term goals.

The three keys to success that Mayor Bettencourt shared really resonated with the interns as they are applicable to any line of work they chose to pursue down the line. Christopher Grilk, Energi intern, commented on how the mayor often regards himself as the CEO of a town, “It really emphasizes how the philosophy and principles that he relies on to be a successful mayor can be applied to all other fields of business and leadership.“ The first principle he lives by daily is to remain positive. Having a positive mindset not only radiates in everything you do, but also to those you come in contact with. Mayor Bettencourt believes that by remaining positive and surrounding yourself with others who do the same, you will create an environment that will encourage success.  Secondly, he stressed how vital it is to show respect for others.  No matter what job one holds or the level of work they complete, an involved and respectful leader will inspire everyone to do their work to the best of their ability by letting them know their job is valued. Lastly, Mayor Bettencourt confessed that like everyone else, he makes mistakes, but he believes that by admitting to them forthrightly and actively pursuing solutions, you will build trust and respect from those around you.