Even though the Christmas holiday has past, the memory of the holiday season is still deep in the hearts and minds of many at Energi. Many within the Energi community have a different holiday experience as a result of Santa’s Magic.

At the Annual Company Meeting, Brian mentioned the impact that Santa’s Magic has in his life as both a volunteer and board member of the organization. Santa’s Magic was founded by James Nentwig, Vice President of Corporate Projects, in 1982 when his wife Elizabeth Nentwig was sick in Brigham & Women’s Hospital over the holiday. Jim arrived on Christmas Day for a visit with his wife and her neighboring
patients, bestowing well wishes and gifts in hope to brighten their holiday. Every since that day, Jim has continued this tradition making similar visits to patients at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Quigley Hospital, Chelsea Soldier’s Home, the Boston VA hospitals and to families of the Armed Forces who are not home with their families.

This year Santa’s Magic reached another milestone bringing companionship and kindness for 32 years in a row. The organization representing about 100 volunteers delivered almost 1,500 hospital patients, disabled, veterans and families of currently deployed soldiers. Similar to the story Brian told at the Annual Company Meeting, this is one of the most impactful experiences with each year bringing a new story that shows the true meaning of the holiday season.