Authored by Alexa Phelps

Peabody, MA – On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, Energi, an Industrial Reinsurance Company based in Peabody, MA, introduced Energi’s nine summer interns, alongside Brian K. McCarthy, CEO of Energi, to the Mayor of Peabody, Ted Bettencourt. Energi has a competitive and comprehensive College Internship Program that emphasizes work ethics, networking, community awareness, and energy sector insurance training. The mayor met with the interns to discuss the complexities of running the city of Peabody.

 Mayor Bettencourt attended the College of the Holy Cross and went to Suffolk Law for his graduate education. He emphasized how his education, work ethic, and community participation brought him to where he is today. James Shea, Administration Intern and Undergraduate Student at Elon University said, “Meeting the mayor was an inspiring experience. We were able to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of city government. When Mayor Bettencourt stressed the importance of goal setting, it made me realize the significance of everything Energi has taught us and made me see how much I can truly benefit from this program.”

 In addition, the Mayor enthusiastically discussed key projects that he wants to focus on to improve Peabody which include building a new middle school, fixing the flooding problem in Peabody Center and reinvigorating Centennial Drive Industrial Park. Having grown up and attended school in Peabody, the mayor knows what needs to be done to continue to improve the Peabody community.

 “Visiting with Mayor Bettencourt provided our summer interns with a better understanding of the workings of city government”, said Jim Nentwig, Vice President of Corporate Projects. “Mayor Bettencourt stressed goal setting, in conjunction with education, is the most important ingredient to achievement.” The importance of goal setting has been an integral part of the Energi College Internship Program since its inception in 2010.

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 Energi is an Industrial Reinsurance Company that provides specialized risk management and insurance programs to targeted sectors of the North American energy industry. Energi is a leading developer and underwriter of innovative insurance products to deliver critical protections for fuel distribution, fuel transport, renewables, energy construction and alternative energy companies. Additionally, Energi provides alternative energy warranties and covers that mitigate the performance risk inherent in energy efficiency retrofits, commercial solar projects, and alternative energy product manufacturing.



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