Energi will host the “Case Study in Underwriting New Energy Loans: Energy Efficiency Webinar” to formally release Educational Reference Guide

PEABODY, MA: July 26, 2012

Energi, a Massachusetts based Industrial Reinsurance Company, is pleased to announce that it will host a webinar event to formally introduce the Risk Mitigation Reference Guide for New Energy Financing. This educational guide provides insurance and risk mitigation tools for alternative energy and energy efficiency projects. The Case Study in Underwriting New Energy Loans: Energy Efficiency Webinar will feature Energi’s Alternative Energy Solutions team along with industry leaders from the US Green Building Council (USGBC), Deloitte Energy Consulting Group and additional participants. The webinar will present a case study on how a bank underwrites an energy efficiency project and it is scheduled for Tuesday, August 7th at 2 PM Eastern Standard Time/11 AM Pacific Standard Time.

“Energi has consistently seen that the banking community is excited to fund green energy projects, however, given the lack of historical information and data on project risks and performance, they have been forced to treat projects skeptically and expand their lending capabilities slower than desired. The Risk Mitigation Reference Guide for New Energy Financing provides lenders with the adequate risk protection and technical resources to help in the development of thorough underwriting guidelines that will further increase investment in clean energy projects and create economies of scale.” Brian K. McCarthy, CEO of Energi.

Over the past year, Energi has been working to facilitate energy efficiency financing with its alternative energy warranty insurance programs. Part of this effort focuses on educating banks and other financial institutions about insurance and risk mitigation tools available for alternative energy and energy efficiency projects. Based on this value proposition, Energi created the Risk Mitigation Reference Guide for New Energy Financing to further increase the educational footprint and give the lending community a reference guide as they look to develop underwriting guidelines for green lending projects.

“Energy efficiency is proven to lower energy bills and reduce carbon footprints. Business owners, policy makers and citizens should welcome new insurance, financing and other techniques which enable new energy efficiency projects.” Branko Terzic, Executive Director of the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions and Moderator for the upcoming webinar.

The educational guide is intended to serve as a reference point for all risk and insurance issues pertaining to alternative energy generation and energy efficiency projects. It provides an overview of green energy industry sub-sectors, the main risk exposures associated with projects, and the products available to mitigate these risks. The sub sectors include Energy Efficiency, Solar PV, Wind, Hydro, Cogeneration and Fuel Cell Projects.

For more information about the webinar and educational guide, please visit www.emaxxgroup.com/guide

About Energi

Energi is an Industrial Reinsurance Company that provides specialized risk management and insurance programs to targeted sectors of the North American Energy industry. Energi is a leading developer and underwriter of innovative insurance products to deliver critical protections for alternative energy and energy efficiency warranties. These covers mitigate the performance risk inherent in energy efficiency retrofits, commercial solar projects, and alternative energy product manufacturing.

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